World-class stunt show ‘Speed…Chase…Action!’ to thrill Dubai  at Global Village this season

World-class stunt show ‘Speed…Chase…Action!’ to thrill Dubai at Global Village this season

By Claire Bautista


A thrilling stunt show with car chases and motor bikes, ‘Speed…Chase…Action!’ is the most riveting show of the 21st Season at Global Village

DUBAI – A captivating experience, Global Village’s stunt show “Speed…Chase…Action!” is the first production of its kind this season. A show filled with high-speed action and stunts, it offers guests a front row opportunity to experience a movie-like filled show.

Car chases, motorbike flips and stunts are only a few of the surprises that await viewers.

The highlight of entertainment this season, the show has been entirely produced and designed by Global Village’s production and entertainment team who were determined to deliver a show of the highest quality and standard to its viewers. The show is an absolute first of its kind at Global Village; following a framework and plotline that involves over 30 international talented stunt performers.

To enhance the viewers’ experience and increase the thrill of the show, Global Village has built a new stunt arena specifically for this show, with a seating area that accommodates an audience of more than 1,000 people. The arena is unique to its design and setup which has been modeled after a town center, and uses high-grade visual and lighting effects in addition to large screens on the side that allow guests a closer view of the action taking place.

The show starts with a news reporter covering a live event that is taken over by a group of thieves who are attempting to rob the town museum of a highly prized ‘Black Pearl’. Shortly after, the action moves into the arrival of the cops who show up and shift the show into a high gear performance, with a chase and action stunts that includes everything from bikes, to a zip liner to fire blasts; before capturing the criminals and bringing them to justice.

“Speed…Chase…Action!” is an exhilarating show that combines thrill and excitement with its automotive action. Guests get a firsthand experience of stunts on 4×4 buggies, motorbikes and sports car drifts along with free-style stunts and bike flips that seem to defy the laws of gravity.

The zip-line and free-fall stunts are enhanced with visual and sound effects that include flame and explosive effects to elevate the experience of the viewer, recreating an almost real-life scene straight out of a movie.

The show attracts large crowds given its interactive narrative that encourages viewer participation with the show’s cast, as well as photo opportunities once the show is over.

local-world-class-2The cast of this show is made up of a group of trained, stunt professionals with international experiences, having performed in some of the world’s most prominent entertainment parks such as Euro Disney. They have undergone extensive training that has allowed them to perform a show of this kind – as for the show’s script and narrative; it has been completely made by the Global Village entertainment team.

Global Village’s entertainment team is made up of 80 members with roles ranging from team management, stage management presentations, performance developers and performers themselves. Global Village has been developing this team since its 19th season, casting people with world-class experience in the entertainment sector and following guidelines of the highest standards to finally developing shows that are exclusive to Global Village.

“Speed…Chase…Action!” is the most remarkable show of Global Village’s 21st season. The show is performed three times a day until the end of season on the 8th of April, 2017.

Global Village is also offering its guests several other entertainment shows this season that are the first of their kind in the region.

Global Village’s opening hours are from 4pm to 12am Saturday to Wednesday and from 4pm to 1am on Thursdays and Fridays in addition to public holidays. Mondays at Global Village are family and ‘ladies only’ days.

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