Morissette – Rising up like a Phoenix

Morissette – Rising up like a Phoenix

DUBAI – Morissette (Amon) proved she is indeed the ‘Asia’s Phoenix’ as she literally rose from her ashes during her sold-out concert dubbed as “Morissette is Made” at Zabeel Hall 2, Dubai World Trade Center on Aug. 17.

With no fancy introduction, she surprised the audience by walking through the LED panel, apologetic to fans for the delay of her show with a horse voice.

“We apologize for the delay… because for some weird circumstances, I lost my voice,” she said and assured to return on-stage after minutes of rest.

Earlier, Wish FM’s talents ‘Wishfuls’ opened the show as front acts while guest star Sam Concepcion had already performed. The audience was kept waiting and cluelss, until Amon’s advent.

Wishful’s Kimberly, Hacel, Louie Anne and Princess took charge anew by performing their individual pieces while gaining time for Mori to prepare.

The main show started with a bang! Morissete opened with Destiny Child’s “Survivor” with a digitally enticing backdrop.

“Boses ko, kaya pa boses ko, mga 25 songs pa!” she jokingly told audience after her massive entrance.

On a personal level, fans were worried and surprised, at the same time as she belted and hit the high notes.

She rocked on, poured every emotion on her Teleserye themesongs and entertained song-after-song, and spread her wings like a phoenix rising above the rest. As the night goes by, she seemed to regain back her powerful voice. She thanked everyone for the support and the almighty, “God has all in control,” she exclaimed.

Sam Concepcion later joined Amon on-stage with a duet hit “Dati”. He expressed his admiration to Amon, saying that she is a testament of being an artist and a trooper of music, amidst the earlier test.

Morissete was teary eyed at the start of her hit “Akin Ka Nalang”. During the press junkie, she revealed that this song is one of her favorites, that made a mark on her career. She also sang “Diamante”; perfect for her sparkling fitted golden gown.

She is also thankful to Wish 107.5 for giving her a platform to sing her songs on the Wish Bus.

She bid farewell by singing the her most-viewed cover on Youtube, “Secret Love Song”. It is also because of this song that world had noticed her.

Watch recorded PMZ Facebook Page Live (click the links below):

Check out the crowd before the show starts
The “WISHFULS’ set up the concert mood
Morissette apologetic to fans
Pouring her heart out! Morissette sings OPMSAM & MORI on-stage
Mori sings “Akin ka Nalang” & “Diamante”
Mori closes the show with “Secret Love Song”

Photos by: Among Garci (PMZ)

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