KJWAN to rock Dubai in back-to-back shows

KJWAN to rock Dubai in back-to-back shows

Filipino rock band, KJWAN is coming and set to rock Pinoy fans in Dubai in 2-day back-to-back mini concert this April 6 (Thursday) and 7 (Friday) at Epic Club, Capitol Hotel.

More than rockers, they are close friends who formed the band way back in 2003. Marc Abaya (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) leads the league with
Boogie Romero (lead guitar), Kelley Mangahas (bass guitar), Enrique de Dios (keyboards, percussion), and EO Marcos (drums).

After making a name in the Philippines, the band represented Pinoy rock abroad through various performances and even brought special recognition and awards within Southeast Asia.

Abaya is the son of actor Manolo Abaya and Director Marilou Diaz-Abaya. Apart from being the frontman of the band, he is a VJ and has appeared in various TV shows and films.

Believe it or not – amidst their busy schedule in their gigs and daily lives, they still find time to hang out (a lot) as a group. Bonding is an essential element; so, you’ll probably find them road-tripping or hitting the beach on their spare time.

What is Kjwan?
A fellow and old drummer once looked in a Filipino dictionary, not knowing that ‘Kjwan’ is actually a form of expression in Tagalog. From then on, the band was called with such name; and the rest is history.

The band is thrilled for their very first visit in Dubai and all-set to rock their fans. Men of few words – Kjwan briefly talks about their music and journey to Kabayan Weekly, exclusively…

DJ: How do you describe your type of music?
Kjwan: Rock with a lot of different elements.

DJ: What do you expect in your first visit in Dubai?
Kjwan: We expect an amazing and hungry crowd. We’re excited to get the chance to see the city and perform for everyone. We expect them to have a good time and hopefully support the shows we have there.

DJ: What keeps you busy (individually) if you are not with the band?
Kjwan: We all have different passions aside from music. Marc acts, boogie is in real estate, kelley works in music media, inky (Enrique) surfs.

DJ: It is a reality that some band members go for some reasons. How does the band cope up with new band members?
Kjwan: It’s an adjustment of course. But we’re lucky to have Inky and EO.

DJ: Who are other local bands you look up to? Why?
Kjwan: Razorback and Juan Dela Cruz. Rock and Roll kids at heart.

DJ: What is your dream performance? Have you reached that dream?
Kjwan: We still strive to do festivals in Europe and America. There are so many more things we’d like to achieve as a group.

DJ: Is OPM surviving in the midst of all the western influence in music?
Kjwan: Yes. Music will always be there. You just need to look for it.

DJ: What is the secret of the band’s longevity?Kjwan: Be friends. Be fans.


Catch them (if you can) live starting 8PM featuring Pinoy Dubai-homegrown rock bands Gatilyo and Tsinelas.

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